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Dynamic playlists

A dynamic playlist is one where the videos in the list are determined by a set of rules specified by you. These rules can be filters that select videos based on category, tags, etc. The list is updated automatically as videos change to be affected by the rules or not.

Create a dynamic playlist

  1. Go to the playlists view and click on Add new
  2. Choose Dynamic and click Continue
  3. Now you need to specify the rules that determines which videos end up in the list
    • If you want to include videos from a certain category, select Include videos by category and select the category. You can also select to include all videos from sub categories.
    • If you want to includes videos with one or more tags, select Include videos by tags and choose the tag(s). If you choose more than one tag, you can also choose if the video has to have any or all of the tags in order to be included.
    • You can also exclude videos with one or more tags by selecting Exclude videos by tags. It works the same way as "Include by tags" but as the name suggests, it excludes the video from the list. This takes precedence over the other filters, so if a video matches the "Include by tags" rule but also matches the "Exclude" rule, it will be excluded from the list.
    • Select how the videos should be sorted and how many videos can be included in the list.
    • A preview of the video list is displayed below. When you're satisfied, click Continue.
  4. On the last step you have to type in a name for your playlist. You can also type a description if you wish so. Click on Create playlist and you're done!

Attention: make sure your videos are not marked as "exclude from endscreens and dynamic playlists" in the Workspace settings or the video metadata if you want to show them in dynamic playlists.