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The best advertising enablement & protection tools

Make the most out of your content & keep 100% of the revenue.

There are many ad-solutions out there, but Flowplayer will help you earn more money.



There are other video playback solutions that support advertising, but Flowplayer will help you generate much more revenue. You can monetize with client side ad insertion in the platform with ease or use the player to deliver server side ad insertion.


  • up to 50% fewer ad errors coming from ad servers.
  • up to a 4% increase in VTR (video through rate).
  • up to 50% increase in paid impressions with optimized pods.
  • up to an 89% faster video player initialisation time leading to more impressions.

Excel with more flexibility & visibility than ever before

  • Flowplayer offers advanced advertising standard support including all the latest and greatest recognized ad standards - like the IAB’s VAST 4, VPAID2 and VMAP specifications. Connect any advertising server, network or exchange to build out the best monetization strategy with the highest ad fill rates.
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  • Use our advertising analytics to measure, track and improve. See which ad servers perform the best with your content or brand and see errors with proactive guidance on how to fix errors - maximising monetization return.
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  • Aside from advertising we also support subscriber or transactional monetisation strategies through third party integrations.
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With the ever changing online video landscape and digital economy, it has never been more important to protect your content online. Flowplayer offers you full control with advanced protection tools to make sure you get the most out of your content.

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DRM Video Encryption: Deploy reliable DRM video encryption to protect your content on all devices. Flowplayer securely encrypts your content during the encoding process with licences for widevine, Fairplay, Playready and Widevine.

Geo-Blocking: Block certain countries from accessing your content, or extend rights management to cover only certain geographies.

Domain Locking: stop people from sharing your content onto another page and prevent revenue leakage.

Access management technologies: Flowplayer offers a qualified user limiter which can prevent password sharing, and open upsell opportunities for larger ‘family’ style subscriber plans. Learn more here.

Pay per view & Subscriber Integrations: Flowplayer works with the leading pay wall technology companies to empower you to deploy pay wall solutions for SVOD, & TVOD.

Publishing Configuration: Decide when videos should be published and un-published. You can have complete control over your content when using Flowplayer.