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Getting started with advertising

Flowplayer is used by many customers to deliver advertising for the video player. We support all standard advertising formats across the web and you can review our list of supported formats for additional details.

This feature is only available for Professional and Enterprise subscriptions

How does it look

To see how the player with ads looks, go to the ad tester and test with our sample ads or your own VAST adTags.

How to start with advertising

  1. Upload a video to have something to show advertising around
  2. Create an ad tag in Flowplayer by inserting a tag from your ad server
  3. Create an ad schedule from the ad tag you created
  4. Create a video player and link your ad schedule with that player
  5. Embed a video

If you already are running video advertising and have a VAST compliant ad server you can use one of your existing ad tags to test this.

If you do not yet have an ad tag for testing you can use the ones below:

  • DFP sample ad tags available from Google to test the player. We recommend that you get started with a preroll ad since that is the most common format and most easy to debug.

If you do not have access to advertising inventory we can help you with that, contact our sales team.

If there are any issues with video advertising, please refer to our advertising troubleshooting guide.