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Analytics metrics explained

We have put together the most meaningful metrics related to video analytics and made them available in a nice user intquickly and in relevant ways. To understand the definition of the metrics please see the table below.

    • Metric
    • Definition
    • Display
    • Video player is loaded
    • Play
    • Video play is initiated either by user intent or automatically (autoplay or programmatically)
    • Play rate
    • The ratio between plays and displays, it should be a percentage with a theoretical maximum of 100% (if everyone that load the video play it for example if it is published with autoplay).
    • Completion rate
    • The ratio of people that play the video and that reach the end of the video. 100% equals everyone watching to the end of the video. In practice many people abandon videos just before the end if they realize the videos is almost finished similar to how people walk out of a movie theater before all the credits are finished.
    • Average time watched
    • Explains how much of the video the average viewer watched. It is calculated by looking at the total time watched in relation to the total number of viewers.
    • Average percentage watched
    • Calculates the average time watched as a percentage to make it easier to compare and benchmark videos of different length.
    • Engagement graph
    • In the engagement graph you will see on the x-axis the time scale of the video/livestream and on the y-axis you will see the number of people who have watched the content.
    • Fill rate (Advertisement)
    • Ratio between Ad requests and Ad plays. It is a percentage with a maximum of 100%. If 100% all Ad requests ended up with an playing Ad.
    • Error rate (Advertisement)
    • Ratio between Ad requests and Ad errors. It is a percentage with a maximum of 100%. If 100% all Ad requests ended up as Ad errors.