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The lightest & fastest HTML5 video player

Optimise your video experience with the best performing HTML5 player on the web.

Flowplayer Native is the lightest and most flexible HTML 5 video player on the web today. Empowering global media companies to deliver beautiful video experiences.

Focusing on performance, Flowplayer has built an open architecture & extensible playback engine that enables a wide range of plugins such as accessibility, events, casting, analytics and much more.

The smallest and fastest

Faster load time increases visitor engagement and impact. Alternative A,B and C didn't want to be mentioned by name.

Alternative A
Alternative B
Alternative C
Flowplayer Video Player

The most flexible

Build your own player by taking advantage of our plugins and the standard HTML5 video API.

October 2020
November 2021

Trust the #1 solution

Trusted by the largest media companies in the world.


Independent customer studies highlight the importance of online video streaming performance in relation to video experience & engagement. Compared to other popular solutions, Flowplayer Native can offer organisations the following:

up to


faster video player initialisation time

up to


faster video playback start time

up to


less video buffering ratio

up to


fewer ad errors coming from ad servers

Why take our word for it? See the performance for yourself, and be sure to test in parallel to other providers.

Beautiful video playback on every screen with support for Android & iOS mobile SDKs.

Our development & design principle is simple: the player should be feature-rich, yet minimalist so the content is the star of the show.

Full browser & mobile SDK support

Our extensive test suite ensures a smooth operation on the vast myriad of ever-changing browser combinations & policies.

Own the experience

Fully customize the player to your specification with ready-made templates, or make more detailed tweaks with custom CSS or Web Components. White-label online video player.

Build and innovate with the Powerful video API

Build something new with our developer-friendly native HTML5 video player API. Endless possibilities.

Our fully customisable and configurable HTML 5 video player technology gives you unlimited possibilities for design and experience. Supporting adaptive bitrate streaming up to 1440p (4K) streaming and the highest rendering quality available on the market.

Flowplayer proudly serves one million top global digital media publishers, broadcasters, site owners and developers. Selected by brands because of the performance, ease of implementation and simplicity. Our online video player gives you a fast and light footprint with superb resolution quality and velvet-smooth rendering.

Get started with an advanced video content hosting platform in minutes.

Our team has been developing video solutions on the web since 2004. We have helped 1000s of global brands achieve their video-on-demand, live or simulated live streaming goals, at any scale.

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