Your very own video platform

Placing your content on a video-sharing site like YouTube might seem perfectly natural, but you can do better than that.


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Trusted by 450,000+ sites all over the web.

The platform

Managing your content is a breeze.

The player

Fully brandable. Always up to date.

The ad opportunity

Start making your videos earn for you.

Show it like you own it

With Flowplayer, you can make your videos look like they truly belong to you, with your own logo, colors, and interface design.

Unlike on the sharing sites, you maintain complete ownership, without any copyright or licensing issues.

Keep your audience

On a huge video-sharing site you risk losing your audience with every click. Who’s to say the next video to play won’t be your competitor’s?

Direct users within your own funnel when they’re finished viewing.

It’s your video – use it how you like

Video-sharing sites specify how your video can be used. With Flowplayer, you have much more flexibility.

Display your content as an overlay, for example, or in the background of your site in place of a static image. Both possibilities are built into Flowplayer, and are as easy to implement as clicking a checkbox.

In the background On top of the page

Advertise your own way

If monetizing your content is an aim, Flowplayer’s VAST compliance means you can serve ads from any compatible network.

YouTube, for example, insists on using ads only from Google's own platforms. And if you do prefer Google as an ad provider but would like some of the independence described above. Look for our advertising options .


What is Flowplayer?

Flowplayer is the best way to play hiqh-quality video on any website. It's designed for the actual use cases that crop up routinely on the web today.

Who is using Flowplayer?

There are more than 450,000 Flowplayer installations all over the web. The most notable brands using Flowplayer are Mercedes Benz, Universal Music, Disney, NASA, IBM, and MIT .

Because Flowplayer is so widely adopted, Google ranks us first with the search term: online video player .

When is Flowplayer not a good choice?

  1. Flowplayer is not a good choice when keeping things 100% free is the only option. In this situation, YouTube is probably the best pick, but you accept limited customization possibilities and will be displaying their brand on your site. They will also, of course, syphon off a percentage of your visitors.
  2. If you tolerate user interface bloat and unnecessary complexity of enterprise video platforms.
  3. If you want to host static MP4 and WebM video files yourself and don't care about quality switching. In this case you can still use our player, but can most likely ignore our hosting service.
The commercial version of Flowplayer can be branded. <em>It's like your personal YouTube.</em>

When is Flowplayer a good choice?

  1. If you care about video quality and automatic quality switching.
  2. If you need a player to match your design and you'd like to customize it with CSS and JavaScript.
  3. If you want to avoid all the frustration and complexity of online video platforms. You simply want to upload, embed and analyze how the video performs.

How is Flowplayer different from the other video platforms?

Companies like Kaltura and Brightcove are enterprise video platforms and Flowplayer is just a video platform.

The word “enterprise” carries a significant difference.

We think videos should be seen simply as elements on your page. Just like images, forms or tables. Enterprise options take you through a long and expensive journey around the video business landscape.

We won't come to your office and “develop and deploy differentiated viewer experiences that adapt with your audience”. We don't have time for that, and suspect you don't either.

We offer the best enterprise facilities for everyone, without the middlemen.

Our job is to make videos work on your site in the best possible way and make the process as simple as possible. We even provide the “monetization “ possibilities.

We make video work for everyone, since every website has the same needs – whether you are an enterprise, small business or an individual blogger.

The “Minimalist” skin in action

How is Flowplayer different from YouTube or Vimeo?

  1. All parts of the player can be customized with CSS and JavaScript.
  2. Flowplayer can play background and foreground video without the control bar, or with only minimal buttons.
  3. Flowplayer can be completely unbranded, or you can use your own logo.
  4. You can customize what happens when the video ends, instead of being exposed to third-party video suggestions.

Who are you?

We are a team of designers, developers and support personnel communicating over the wire.

Please contact a human if you have any questions.