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Towards better online video.

Flowplayer and single-page applications

How Flowplayer is designed to work nicely and quickly in single-page application.

How we scale live streaming for millions of simultaneous viewers

Real-time video is notoriously hard to scale. Here's how we manage it after several years of trial and error.

Flowplayer partners with Maz

With this partnership you have more ways to distribute and monetize your videos

Introducing intelligent recommendations

Flowplayer intelligent recommendations have the potential of increasing follow-on viewership by 75%.

Common publisher video advertising problems and how to fix them

How Flowplayer pays attention to ad inventory and ad quality.

Instant clips from a live event

Create clips from an ongoing event.

A major product update

A milestone on our journey to build online video that actually works.

Better live streaming

Livestreaming used to be hard, but not anymore.

Flowplayer “Native” (v1.0)

In 2016, we set out to build a player that shakes the common understanding of online video.

Improved analytics

Bunch of important updates to our analytics to give a better idea how your audience engages with your videos.

Ad scheduling

A powerful way to manage large-scale advertising inventory

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Live analytics

Ad scheduling