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User Experience. Performance.

We brought video to the web. Now we are taking the next step. At this very moment our skilled developers around the world are perfecting our vision of great performing video with fantastic user experience. Millions of websites already use Flowplayer to display their videos every day.

Flowplayer was one of the first online video players. Working through multiple browser and video codec shifts over the years has brought many ups and downs that make the more recent Safari 11 launch pale in comparison. Most of all, our history has brought a ton of experience. In fact, many of our developers have spent a lifetime in online video.

Our distilled knowledge has gone into building the ideal video platform for publishers and media companies in search of a great performing video platform with fantastic user experience. Our player and platform are built for the purpose, taking into account the specific needs of large and small publishers and media companies.

Flowplayer is the world’s most deployed video platform where you can publish the videos the way you want to. We help some of the most successful content owners, broadcasters, news publishers, magazines, and OTT platforms to deliver their videos with great user experience.

Online video remains a wide-open field for creativity and a strong opportunity for revenue generation. Beginning to capitalize on this is as simple as selecting a solution. The best solution.


Video needs a change

We have seen that the media industry is lacking the proper technical care that it deserves. People are struggling with complex products, and the video powered websites are getting slower and slower. In fact, very little real innovation has happened over the past ten years. We want to change this. Read our vision.

Located around the globe, and growing

We are a global company working together to change the way video works from all corners of the world including US, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK, Spain.

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