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Flowplayer helps Rocky Kanaka spread pawsitive awareness

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Flowplayer helps Rocky Kanaka spread pawsitive awareness

Flowplayer helps Rocky Kanaka spread pawsitive awareness about homeless pets!

Pet Rescue Advocate, Emmy Nominated TV Host & Pet Chef. Rocky’s videos and social channels spread awareness about pet adoption, fostering, and volunteering with the goal of inspiring his audience to help animals in their local community. He travels North America raising awareness about homeless pets so they can find their forever homes. “I will do whatever it takes to spread the word that rescue dogs rule!”

Kanaka Media wanted to extend and personalize what they were doing on social media and communicate with their fans more directly in their own way on their own website. To achieve this they needed a more flexible platform that allowed the possibility to make the look and feel of the player their own while offering more relevant advertising to their viewers.

With the help of Flowplayers fast-loading video player – only a fraction of the size of YouTube’s player they are now able to further grow their business with a personalized video player and content-driven platform which keeps visitors on the website for a longer period of time. Kanaka Media can now easily monetize their content with advanced advertising techniques (with support for SSAI & CSAI) all while seeing success rates through an the next-gen advertising analytics portal.

“Depending on the length of the video we wanted to be able to decide ourselves whether to use pre-rolls, mid-rolls or post-rolls, not one size fits all. We wanted a platform that helps us offer a truly differentiated and unique experience to our visitors and also a platform that was easy to manage, that could hold all of our videos, in another words a user friendly platform for the whole team to use. We found this in Flowplayer. Another positive aspect is the commitment and dedication of the customer service team who are always willing to help and find solutions to problems even if it is on a Friday night!” said Lorna Paxton Ladd, Digital Marketing Director, Kanaka Media

“Flowplayer is delighted to be able to support many different companies across the world with performant video, we are particularly privileged to work with the amazing team behind the Kanaka Media use case and we are excited to see their audience continue to grow with the help of our technologies.” - James Devlin, SVP Global Solutions, Flowplayer

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About Kanaka Media

Rocky Kanaka started with a youtube-channel which now has 2,5 million subscribers. All content is about trying to find hard to adopt rescue dog their forever home and raise awareness that dogs from shelters are as good as any dogs. Rocky delivers fun and entertaining content and spreads positivity.