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Master your subscription revenue with Qualified User Limiter.

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Master your subscription revenue with Qualified User Limiter.

During the last couple of months, many publishers and broadcasters have seen a paradox in their overall revenue. In many cases website visits are skyrocketing but at the same time, ad revenue has been plummeting due to postponed campaigns and decreased ad budgets.

While ad revenue (AVOD) has been a source of headache and pain, subscription (SVOD) has been the much-needed salvation for publishers. During the pandemic the digital news and media segment has seen a tremendous 300% subscription growth according to What’s new in publishing. There is an ever-growing need to consume more and more information or entertainment through digital channels and video, it’s unlikely that this trend will slow down. RapidTV news suggests that the SVOD market will most likely double between 2019 and 2025, from an already whopping 642 million subscribers to 1.161 billion.

SVOD does not come without it’s own challenges, RapidTV reports that one in seven subscribers share their account details which leads to revenue leakage for many publishers.

Enter QUL

QUL - Qualified User Limiter is a new module developed by Flowplayer to address the needs of managing the access of publishers content for specific users. By allowing users access only to a set amount of VOD/Live streams at the same time publishers can now reduce the revenue leakage from account and password sharing.

By using the existing subscription management database of a publisher and a standardized authentication with a JSON web token (JWT) the QUL module will continuously check how many streams a user is accessing at the same time and show a message if the limit chosen by the publisher is exceeded.

So what are the benefits?

Manage user access

With QUL publishers will be able to manage user access all the way down to specific assets. Meaning that a specific VOD or Live asset can be restricted individually to each other. A typical use case for this would be to let users access a live event only with one active stream but to access the VOD content from that live stream with multiple streams at the same time. A variation of this is to give the same content different rights depending on what site it is embedded on, making it easier for media groups to share content between titles.

Upsell opportunities

With the ability to manage stream access to specific user accounts also comes the opportunity to upsell family subscriptions. A common way to increase average revenue per customer is to offer a larger plan with more allowed streams this in combination with adding more users to an account also creates a higher degree of retention with the subscription.

Interested in this solution?

If you want to learn more about how you can make the most of your subscription revenue with Qualified User Limiter, follow the "contact us" link below.