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Flowplayer Releases

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November 15, 2022


Real time preview for Simulive with tokenized share link

Warning message when resolution conflict appears in live source

UI labels “primary” and “secondary” on live log and clip editor source

Subtitle and chapter editor. Update and create VTT-files with multiple languages simultaneously https://docs.flowplayer.com/vod/chapters-and-subtitles

New webhook notification for transcription completed

SDK updates and bug fixes for both iOS and Android


November 1, 2022


Player release 3.4.3: various bug fixes

Forced downscaling after 36 hours of live streaming. Events longer than 36 hours can be interrupted since they are considered erroneously labeled 24/7 streams.

Billing address required when upgrading an explorer plan

Automatic generation of animated previews in workspace settings

SDK updates and bug fixes for both iOS and Android, among that background audio playback for iOS.


October 18, 2022

Improved API's/SDK updates/DVR

API for extended usage reports through helpdesk.

SDK updates and bug fixes for both iOS and Android

Improved API performance, some endpoints up to 30% faster than before

Custom DVR window setting with default value per workspace

Extended analytics for organization level


October 5, 2022

Release 5.10.2022

Improved Live Cluster scalability

Improved CDN-log parser performance

Player version 3.4.2: WCAG 2.1 fixes, ads and macros fixes, Ad support for playlists


September 20, 2022

24/7 live cluster

Launch of 24/7 live cluster. Requires that you create a new 24/7 cluster or just start broadcasting on the new 24/7 ingest url (found when creating a new 24/7 stream).

Active/deactive-setting for 24/7 streams. Allows the editor to move 24/7 streams from the active to complete tab.

Changed cache times for various errors in the API. Prevents errors are cached when the expected outcome is available.


September 7, 2022

General performance improvements, Player version 3.3.0

General performance improvements for various API endpoints

Various upgrades of libs for the platform UI

Fixes for ad plugin configuration in the player, such as count down, ad button behavior etc.

Player version 3.3.0: Floating fixes, HLS.js upgrade, and more fixes.


August 22, 2022

OVP/UI and Player version 3.2.8

OVP-UI: Time zone bug fix. Validates the time zone before it is applied to the user. Player version 3.2.8. Fixes concerning Chromecast, ads and floating features.


August 12, 2022


Player/React: released new version to NPM.


August 11, 2022


OVP-UI: Fixed bug on checkout page. Fixed bug list recordings on livestream with replaced live to a recording.


July 19, 2022

Player version 3.2.7:

Player version 3.2.7: Fix for predefined aspect ratio. Various fixes concerning config, preroll, chromecast and player state.


June 30, 2022

Player version 3.2.6

Player version 3.2.6: custom labels for qsel menu


June 28, 2022

Release and bug fixes and Player version 3.2.5

Added geoblock default setting when creating a new workspace

Various bug fixes and refactoring code

Enhanced details around live connectivity in the live streaming panel

Labels on the live streaming preview players, so clarify what is the preview window

Player version 3.2.5: playlist, ad tags and dash related fixes


June 2, 2022

Consent plugin/Fallback live streams

Consent plugin for the player. Allows you to configure the player to not send any content analytics and/or use the local storage.

Fallback live streams. A secondary stream is available for live streams. This feed is automatically used in the player if the primary stream goes down. You must provide your main feed to both primary and secondary streams in your broadcasting client.

Analytics fix for live streams in toplists.


June 14, 2022

Improved UI for API keys and geoblocking

Bugfix in UI to remove automatically replaced recording on live stream.

Improved UI for handling API keys, extra confirmation before re-generating and clarified label when no key is generated.

Improved UI for geoblocking with default geoblock setting per workspace, flag and country names and clarified options for white list vs black list.


June 9, 2022

Player version 3.2.2

Player version 3.2.2 in Stable. Various fixes.


May 17, 2022

Bug fix

Bug fix for playing shallow copies of video clips in the UI preview


May 3, 2022

Bug fixes & Improved tabbing

Various bug fixes in analytics view and improved tabbing and keyboard shortcuts


April 5, 2022

Release 5.4.2022

Bug fix for recordings labeled as clips instead of recording. Flowplayer allows the user to sort on the type of video; upload, clip, recording etc

Feature: get live stream API now includes the video id of the recording of the livestream. This gives the user the ability to get the recording without extra API calls

Improvements in tab indexing and keyboard commands for the platform UI

Log parsing improvements and optimization. This gives a more responsive and correct usage report on trial and explorer accounts.

Ad and player health support in Chromecast receiver

Debug view for support in Chromecast. Allows the user and support team to see the actual current bitrate when contacting support.


April 19, 2022

Animated Preview & Keyboard shortcuts

Animated preview - Flowplayer now offers multiple resolutions for the animated preview. Available in: UI/View files, API, and in player.

Keyboard shortcuts - New and improved keyboard shortcuts. Press K to get a complete list of keyboard shortcuts.


March 22, 2022

Release 22.3.2022 - Several improvements

Tokens for preview of videos in platform UI. This allows us to ensure that unpublished videos can not leak.

Login page adjusted to handle small/mobile screens better Improved search fields. Colon symbol allows the user to search on tags only. Also, the search now supports live and vod id:s.

Live overlays/scoreboard. Flowplayer has released the scoreboard feature for live streams. Available on all supported devices.

Improved hls fallback in player. In case of failure on the primary stream, such as DVR or dual ingest systems, our player now supports a smooth transition to the fallback stream.


March 8, 2022

Release 8.3.2022 - Improvements on loading platform UI/Increased accuracy of event handling/Updated headers

Improved loading of the platform UI. Lazy loading and decreased load times of UI components.

Increased accuracy of the event handling in the analytics flow.

Updated headers on video files, allowing direct download in Google Drive

Enhanced search performance in the tech docs on flowplayer.com

Integrated and improved ad tag tester and stream tester on flowplayer.com


February 23, 2022

Release 23.2.2022 - Input stream indicator/General improvements

Input stream indicator - general improvements and compares to expected input bitrate.

General improvements in the release process of video player.


February 8, 2022

Release 8.2.2022 - Start-up quality selector/URL links to animated preview/Bugfix active live streams

Start-up quality selector - this feature allows you as an editor to set the start bit rate in the player configuration. For example, let's say you want a high-resolution start frame when presenting a team logo, you are now able to select a high start bit rate. Or perhaps start up time is crucial then you choose a low start bit rate.

URL/links to animated preview under video → files - this allows you to copy the link and use it outside the player, for example in an article and not only in the player anymore. Perfect for getting attention and more traffic to the video with an image/animation.

Bugfix active live streams - If you have scheduled an event that is past its ending time or hasn’t started yet you will still get the green dot for running streams, this makes it clearer what streams are active.


October 15, 2020

Sharing of video assets between workspaces

Share video assets like recordings and live clippings across workspaces.


April 30, 2020

Usability improvements for multi-site broadcasters.

Workspace search, easily accessible player tokens, and host restrictions to player-only setups.


February 27, 2020

CSV export of analytics data

Navigate to any desired analytical view and export the data to an CSV file for further inspection. Good for executive meetings.


February 3, 2020

Platform API 3.0

Updated method signatures and vastly improved documentation with more examples and better consistency.


January 26, 2020

Improved live clippings

You can now zoom and scroll into a precise point on a live stream to capture a VOD clip.


December 2, 2019

Sharing of live-stream sources

Share live sources across workspaces for easier re-use.


December 13, 2019

Ad analytics

Detect your weak spots, improve your fill rate, and earn more money as a result.