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Ad analytics

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Ad analytics

The first noticeable thing about analytics is to see the past performance of your ads. You can see if the other metrics follow the request count of if there are some abnormalities to take care of.

Ad performance trends

Low-hanging fruits

Flowplayer ad analytics centers around errors: their historical trends and list of the most pressing issues. The top issue is your "low-hanging fruit": an opportunity to make the biggest leaps with the lowest possible work.

Ad performance: the good and the bad

The usual suspect is the VAST 1009 — "The response is empty," meaning that no matching ad was found for the video.

VAST error codes and their ratio

The big picture

Flowplayer now offers a holistic view of your ad performance, so you understand the big picture. Moreover, you can filter your results by browser, operating system, and the device type to find out what works and what needs to be fixed.

Flowplayer ad analytics in one glimpse