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Terms for Flowplayer standalone player license purchases

This information is for historical reasons only. All one-time license player products are deprecated and superseded by the current platform service subscriptions.

Last updated: April 24th, 2018

License lifetime

Flowplayer standalone player licenses are valid forever. The player does not phone home or connect to license servers (key valdiation is done inside the player), so it will also work in Intranets. The license key is tied to the domain name shown in the browser's location bar and, in the case of iFrames, when the frame is viewed in its own window.


The player license includes free updates within the same major product revison (ie for a 7.0 license, all 7.x releases are covered).


Credit Card

The fastet way of purchasing a license with a credit card is to use the checkout on the pricing page


For license purchases, Paypal payments can be accepted. Please contact us and we'll send you a Paypal money request.

Bank payments

Please contact us for details if you wish to do a SEPA bank transfer.


If the player product does not work for you due to technical reasons, we can provide a refund within 14 days after purchase. Please contact us and explain the situation.

No refund is possible once you created a license key.

OEM license purchases are not refundable.

License key

After purchase, product keys are managed on your account page. You can enter the domain name of your choice to generate the key. Note a generated key cannot be changed.

License keys only work on the domain name you entered when generating the key. For staging/development please use a (protected) subdomain.

For local development, the commercial download package contains a sample index.html page with valid product keys for localhost and . You can also fake the domain name on your /etc/hosts file.

Domain changes

A domain name cannot be changed once it is set. If you switch your domain, you'll need to purchase an additional license.


To use the commercial player on one domain such as mydomain.com you need a single-domain license. All subdomains such as www.mydomain.com or my.media.mydomain.com are included.


  • 01.01.2018 initial version
  • 24.04.2018 added section about credit cards: "Credit Card The fastet way of purchasing a license with a credit card is to use the checkout on the pricing page"