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Flowplayer has everything you need for a large-scale live broadcasting.

Flowplayer live streaming dashboard

We have perfected our live solution for many years with large-scale broadcasters and media companies. We strive for ease of use, while providing all the neccessities for professionals.

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Go live instantly

Live streaming should be smooth. Using our live streaming service, you click once, and you are ready to start live streaming with your phone.

Instantly go live streaming from your mobile phone

Schedule the stream

Present a count-down to your audience before the live event starts to build excitement and anticipation while they wait for the stream to begin.

Let the audience know when your stream will start

Make it 24x7

We move you away from on-premise equipment to a cloud-based encoder so you can stream 24x7 without interruptions in HD format.

Stream 24x7 with our live linear encoding service

Live clippings

Create live clippings from the stream while the event is running and have the whole event available as a video clip after the feed finishes.

Read more about live clippings

Record you event to publish as a video afterwards

Rewind and watch again

With our DVR functionality, your viewers can rewind and watch a special moment again all while the live stream is still ongoing.

Rewind the live stream to see a special moment again

Monitor real-time analytics

Using our live analytics, you can see in real-time how people are watching your streams. And when the event is over you can see how the event went at any later time.

See in real time how many people are watching

Want to start live streaming?

Customers love our support where you can email, call, or slack to have your questions answered by a skilled video professional.


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    • Starter

      Get all the basics


      VOD & Playlist Capability

      Monetisation Capability

      Includes up to 500 GB of streaming *

      Includes up to 50,000 plays *

      Includes up to 160min video upload length *

      Self-Service Knowledge Base

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    • Enterprise

      With live-streaming and more


      VOD, Playlist, DRM & Live Streaming Capability

      SDK & Monetisation Capability with Analytics

      More than 500 GB of streaming

      More than 50,000 plays

      Dedicated Support

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