Flowplayer demo

Video perspective

That subtle decoration for your video.

A new selection of brands

Here are the first batches of the classic gray collection from the premium retailers on our inventory. Dorm design market in Turku and Lure in Oulu are included as well as the Helsinki-based collections from Esteria and Bot Borings.

Obviously the all time favorite, Maroon dress, is part of our ongoing collection because it never out of peoples onsetting (or fashion).

Demo index

Standard setup

The very basic setup for video.

Skin builder

Make your own player design.

Configuration builder

Create your own custom player.

Video recommendations

Show related content after the video.

Video thumbnails

Render scenes for easy scanning.

Background video

Play video behind other elements.

Audio-only setup

For podcasts and music.

Overlaid video

Launch overlaid video from a thumb.

Classic playlist

Change the video from thumbnails.

Video gallery

Four videos in a grid.

Video perspective

Making a good first impression.

Float on scroll

Floating video on the screen corner.

Custom events

Do custom actions during playback.

Custom call-to-action button

Nudge visitors towards the action

Using the API

API usage examples

React integration

Tiny Flowplayer React component

Vue integration

Tiny Flowplayer Vue component

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Automatic switching of video quality.

Header bidding

Pick ads from multiple sources.

Outstream ad

Video ad in the middle of content.

Useful tools

Stream tester

Ad tester

Something you would like to see that isn't here? Contact us.


Flowplayer demo

Paste the following code to some page on your site.

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