The player

Make video a seamless part of your brand and design.

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From minimal to fully featured

…and anything in between.


Sometimes the controls can be a distraction. The elegant minimal end of the spectrum puts the content in focus.

All the most up-to-date video playback features are available, and each can be included or removed with a simple checkbox system.

Brand your video effortlessly

Flowplayer’s look and feel are designed to help you make video an integrated part of your brand as easily as possible.

Take responsiveness and up-to-date user control options for granted. Within a few clicks, you’ll have great-looking branded video content on your site.

The best quality as standard

Flowplayer can automatically present the best possible version of your video.

HQ on large screens

Large screens with a strong internet connection are served the highest-quality version. The quality level is automatically lowered if the connection slows down.

Crisp and fast on mobile

Mobile screens are quickly delivered a much smaller version, with no waiting or frustrating interruptions. The quality is automatically improved if, for example, you enter a cafe with a solid Wi-Fi connection.

Built for developers

Configure a player to match your exact needs.

Make your own

Dive right in with your own video.