A beautiful HTML5 video player with the smallest footprint

Improve your video business with the best performing and most deployed HTML5 video player out there.

Flowplayer is one of the most deployed online video players in the world. * It focuses on user experience and performance in high-quality playback.

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The smallest and the fastest

Faster load time increases visitor engagement and impact. Alternative A,B and C didn't want to be mentioned by name.

Player speed comparison

Player speed comparison

The most flexible

Build your own player by taking advantage of our plugins and the standard HTML5 video API.

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Trust the #1 solution

Flowplayer is the most deployed video player on the web. The audio/video/media category is "Ruled supreme by Flowplayer".

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Flowplayer usage growth curve on the web.

Beautiful playback on every screen

Our design principle is simple: the video is the star of the show.

Beautiful and minimalistic HTML5 video player.

  • Full browser support

    Our extensive test suite ensures a smooth operation on the vast myriad of browser combinations and autoplay policies.

  • Show it like you own it

    Customize the player with ready-made templates or make more detailed tweaks with CSS.

  • Innovate with the API

    Build something new with our developer friendly, and native HTML5 video API.

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Get support from experienced professionals

We have helped thousands of sites become successful with video. Our Enterprise plans include highly customized support with a fully dedicated person.


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      Includes up to 500 GB of streaming *

      Includes up to 50,000 plays *

      Includes up to 160min video upload length *

      Self-Service Knowledge Base

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      VOD, Playlist, DRM & Live Streaming Capability

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      More than 500 GB of streaming

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      Dedicated Support

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