Why Flowplayer

It solves the big video hassle.

Flowplayer is an all-round solution for many businesses, from small startups to media unicorns.

Flowplayer Platform admin dashboard user interface.
I am so happy that we switched to Flowplayer for our player needs. The features are great and the support staff is awesome!

Michael Deeter / Senior Web Developer at Syncbak

Why Flowplayer

It’s easy to use.

We strive for simplicity in everything we do.

Great technical performance and easy to use

Tord Selmer-Nedrelid / Head of video at Amedia

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Flowplayer's easy-to-use user interface.

Why Flowplayer

Your site goes live.

Flowplayer makes live streaming possible for everyone.

The perfect partner

Guillermo Rivaben / CEO at La Nación

Explore new features in live

Flowplayer's live streaming UI.

Why Flowplayer

You'll have a gorgeous player.

Clarity and minimalism are what we're most famous for.

Beautiful and minimalistic HTML5 video player

A great user experience for our audience

Tord Selmer-Medrelid / Head of video at AMedia

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Why Flowplayer

You’ll get more ad revenue.

Flowplayer helps media industry to reach higher ad fill rates.

How ad scheduling works

Flowplayer's ad scheduling UI.
Flowplayer is the foundation to evolve our business with new revenue streams from video and live.

Tiina Taipale / Managing Editor at Maaseudun Tulevaisuus

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