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How DoYogaWithMe scaled their business in 6 months during the global pandemic

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How DoYogaWithMe scaled their business in 6 months during the global pandemic

In 2019, America's favourite online yoga platform streamlined their product portfolio and optimised workflows for delivering HD content across the web (including mobile), and many OTT devices. The DoYogaWithMe team is taking advantage of real-time video analytics and this allows the content creators to make data-driven decisions based on engagement and popularity metrics, helping the brand to deliver more captivating wellness content.

We love Flowplayer because of their lightweight performance technology and platform publishing tools, they help us promote a great experience for our audience and the partnership allows us to focus on delivering high-grade professional content. Having demand for our content, the right technology stack that helps us scale alongside the best customer journey is a winning recipe.

Sean Procyshyn / Co-founder at DoYogaWithMe

Like Flowplayer, DoYogaWithMe is an incredibly user-centric platform - It is the brands' meticulous attention to detail and intuitive user interface that sets it apart from the competition. This form follows right through to the way in which video is presented on-screen. Having adopted the webs lightest HTML player, the company benefits from both reduced loading times and the capability to professionally skin the player to any requirements.

With the rise in SVOD, we are very happy to see DoYogaWithMe do so well. DoYogaWithMe has a great offering and we look forward to partnering for many years to come.

Henrik Lovén / CEO at Flowplayer

About DoYogaWithMe


DoYogaWithMe is a unique online yoga resource and virtual community with a global reach. Featuring 24 teachers and a wide variety of yoga challenges, programs and other wellness content, the company is quickly becoming the most popular "Accessible To All" yoga platform. Their mission is to provide high-quality, online yoga instruction accessible to all and to help heal the world through the practice of yoga. Check out more here - https://www.doyogawithme.com/

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