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Ad scheduling

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Ad scheduling

Ease of advertising

The improved ad schedule offers you following:

  1. Create larger advertising inventory by inserting ads along with a video timeline
  2. Use more sources of advertising by flexibly adding multiple ad tags
  3. Increase ad fill rate by adjusting the timeout based on the provider

By having an easy-to-use interface you can finally serve more, and better ads

<img alt="Ad Schedules" src="/user/pages/images/a-tag.png" /title="All the configured ad tags to be inserted into schedules"><figcaption>All the configured ad tags to be inserted into schedules</figcaption>

More sources for advertising

As online advertising is becoming more and more complex with new partnerships and collaborations every single day we wanted to allow for more flexibility in working with multiple different ad providers for one specific ad schedule.

A better ad inventory

It has been a bit complex to set up advertising along the video timeline and for this reason, most people resort to pre-roll ads only. By having an easy-to-use interface you can finally serve more, and better ads.

<img alt="Ad schedules in detail" src="/user/pages/images/a-schedules.png" /title="Three different ad schedules"><figcaption>Three different ad schedules</figcaption>

For example, you can rely on pre-rolls and post-rolls for short videos and midrolls for longer videos. Mid-rolls can be inserted either at fixed locations if you have specific ad breaks that are defined or at percentages of content if no such breaks are defined.

Increased ad fill rate with a custom timeout

We now allow you to adjust the timeout per ad tag so you can improve the ad fill rate while optimizing the user experience and avoiding unnecessarily long timeouts.

It is important to set a different timeout based on where your ads are coming from. If you have your own ad server and fill the inventory, you can benefit from a relatively fast response as there is no need for a long timeout. But in those cases where you have a more complex ad setup and partner up with various backfill partners and exchanges, you will need to set a longer timeout to allow for the possibility to fill the ad opportunities.