Why Flowplayer

Over the last decade Flowplayer has been pushing the envelope for what video is on the web.

Our experts have seen it all and know, if not all, at least most of it. Their distilled knowledge has taken our software to new heights to help you deliver video with superior performance, a fantastic user experience and with an easy and fast implementation.

Superior Performance — with the most lightweight player

Our video player is the fastest on the market to give you better play rates and ad fill rates. We achieve this due to the focus on code size and optimized loading of resources from our video platform which is tailored for fast response times. Selecting our video player together with our video platform gives you the best performance.

Exceptional User Experience — with the most popular player

There is a reason to why our video player is the most used one in the world. It simply looks stunning and offers endless possibilities and styles. You can adjust the player look and feel yourself or take advantage of our video platform to create player profiles that look just like you want them. In fact, we have paid great attention to the user experience in our platform to make uploading and publishing videos a delight.

Easy and fast implementation — with our proven tools and experts

Publishing video is as easy as getting started with our solution. Our Enterprise package includes maintained pre-integrations with all key neighboring systems such as analytics, ad servers, CMS and Content creation so you can focus on creating beautiful videos. We also provide automated migration services from all major video platforms to ensure all your videos and metadata are imported in the right way.

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