Flowplayer vision

Video needs to change

We’ve seen that the media industry is lacking proper technical care that it deserves. People are struggling with complex products, and the video powered websites are getting slower and slower. In fact, very little real innovation has happened over the past ten years.

We want to change this.

An auto-generated video playlist

Flowplayer is committed to building the best online video platform for the media industry.

You are now reading the first chapter of our vision, which brings the user experience and performance to focus.

User experience

User experience is not about adding tons of features – it’s about taking only the essential functions and making them work exceptionally well.

While the existing solutions are getting bigger and more complex, we are moving exactly in the opposite direction.

Simplicity and performance are eternal.

List of ad schedules in action


To build the best performing video player, the first thing you need to solve is having playback that starts instantly. An instant start might seem like a trivial thing to accomplish, but actually, it’s not. Just think about all the different flavors of the Android operating systems that need optimization.

A fast starting playback is a must because waiting is painful and causes people to abandon your videos.

Above you can see the file sizes of the actual player component, which is a JavaScript file. Our upcoming player, dubbed “Flowplayer Native” (early 2018) will break all records in terms of performance.

The viewers

Ultimately it all comes down to the player; we want to make the best player in the world.

The minimalistic design of Flowplayer

It’s about understanding that the video is the star of the show.

Our job is to step aside and be useful.

The video publishers

We’ve seen the frustration of managing hundreds or thousands of videos, and the unanswered demands of the media industry.

We’ve seen players specifically designed for news and sports industries, and players designed solely for advertising. Let alone live broadcasts for hundreds of thousand simultaneous viewers. We’ve seen the complexities of digital rights management (DRM). We understand these requirements and we designed our video player and our platform to meets these needs.

Making live analytics feel intuitive

The video publishers don’t care about the hidden technical details, like the video transcoding settings and parameters. They just want the videos to work reliably.

Because time is money

When it comes to monetization, everything boils down to serving content that engages people. The goal is to maximize the advertising and subscription revenue.

The video adverts must load, load quickly and reliably, and be relevant. We work hard to make this happen.

Because the world needs this

We want to change how people interact with videos. We want to make things intuitive and snappy. We think the stagnated world of online video is in particular need for these changes.

Live streaming made easy

— The Flowplayer Team