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  • Branded player
  • Up to 10,000 video plays
  • Ad testing
  • API/SDK access
  • Up to 250 GB of streaming & 25 GB of storage
  • Up to 1 min of video encoding per uploaded asset

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  • VOD & playlist capability
  • Monetization capability
  • Includes up to 500 GB of bandwidth
  • Includes up to 50,000 plays
  • Self-service knowledge base

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  • VOD, playlist, DRM & live streaming capability
  • SDK & monetization capability with analytics
  • More than 500 GB of streaming
  • More than 50,000 plays
  • Dedicated support

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What's Included

Select the plan that works best for your needs

Player Explorer Starter Enterprise
White-label HTML5 Video Player
Branded test HTML5 Video Player
Extensive Skinning & Customisation Options
Player API
Player Plugins
Chromecast & Airplay
React & VUE Support
DRM Encryption Capabilities
Domain Locking
iOS & Android Mobile SDK
GEO Blocking
Video Platform Explorer Starter Enterprise
Video Hosting (storage)
Global video delivery (streaming)
Adaptive bitrate streaming (HLS & DASH)
HD encoding
Multi-level Experience Customisation
Javascript, iFrame & AMP Embedding
Powerful Platform API
Dynamic Recommendations & Playlists
Content recommendation engine
AI Powered VOD Transcriptions
Unlimited Seats with rights management
DRM Encryption
Qualified User Limiter & Paywall Integrations
Analytics Explorer Starter Enterprise
Real-time Analytics Dashboard
Video-On-Demand Analytics
Analytics API
Export History
Player Analytics
Actionable Advertising Analytics
Livestream Analytics
Livestreaming Explorer Starter Enterprise
Simulated Livestreams (VOD to Live)
Live Dashboard
Adaptive Bitrate LIVE Streaming
Scheduled & 24/7 Set-Ups
Live Recordings (with auto-replace VOD capability)
Livestreaming API
Realtime Analytics & Diagnostics
Advertising Explorer Starter Enterprise
VAST, VPAID & VMAP support
Ad Scheduling (Pre, Mid & Post-Roll Support)
Optimised Ad-Pod Technology
Outstream capability
Support Explorer Starter Enterprise
Self-service Knowledge Base
Self-service Demos & Advanced Set-ups
Email Support
Dedicated SLA & Support Plan
Customer Success Manager
Roadmap Access

Monthly Plan Limits

Flowplayer is a software as a service enterprise grade player and content management system. Our pricing model is a simple economies of scale model which allows your organisation to grow effectively over time.

Explorer Starter Enterprise
Video Plays Up to 10,000logo plays Up to 50,0000.005 per play overage Custom
Storage up to 25 GB Up to 200 GB0.035 per GB overage Custom
Global Streaming / CDN up to 250 GB Up to 500 GB0.3 per GB overage Custom
HD Encoding up to 1 minute per assetmax 60 minutes/uploads Up to 160 uploaded minutes0.99 per minute overage Custom
Live streaming Hours & Channels Custom
DRM Encryption or Subscriber Tools Custom
Up to 24/7 Support Custom

Monthly Usage Calculator

Get a usage estimate based on the size of your video library.


View Count: How many plays do you average per month?
Duration: Length of an average video?
: :
hh : mm : ss
Uploads: How many videos will you upload per month?
Viewer Engagement: How much of your content in % will the average viewer watch?


View Count: How many plays do you average per month?
Duration: Total hours of your livestreams per month?
: :
hh : mm : ss
Broadcasts: How many concurrent broadcasts are needed?
Viewer Engagement: How much of your content in % will the average viewer watch?
Video Plays (Views or Stream Starts)
[[ viewcount ]]
Ingest Minutes
[[ eim ]]
Streaming TB (Bandwidth)
[[ cdn ]]
Storage increase per month (TBs)
[[ roundedStorage ]]
Concurrent Broadcasts (Live Channels)
[[ concurrent ]]

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Self-hosted or Standalone Player

The player only plans are specifically for organisations that want to self host the player in a custom-built environment. Using the self hosted player will give you access to the latest native player with all available plugins and configurations that can be seen in the developer section. The iOS and Android SDKs are only available in the enterprise plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you are looking for? Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

  • Yes, you can upgrade at any time. Contact us for more details.

  • We charge your account at the start of each billing period via credit card. Any overage is charged as it appears.

  • We accept payments from VISA, MasterCard, VISA Debit, and American Express.

  • Flowplayer aims at giving you and your users the best video experience when you exceed the play- or bandwidth limits. First, the default limits are pretty high enough, so most of our customers never have to think about boundaries. If you end up needing more, we send you a friendly email reminder. But the service keeps running no matter what happens.

    You can always check on the bandwidth usage and pricing from your account.

  • Measuring video bandwidth is not trivial. It’s hard to know in advance how much you need it, and how much it can cost. This is why we've put together a usage calculator, that should give you a reasonable estimate about your streaming needs.

    If your needs are significant, please contact us, and we are happy to put set up a custom plan that works for you.

  • Yes. Remote assets are supported on our platform.

  • Yes, contact sales for an enterprise plan.

  • Please request for an upgrade. We are happy to help you with the upgrade.

  • Flowplayer no longer offers the free, logo-branded player.

  • Flowplayer Native is only available as a subscription. If you expect a very large amount of plays per month and just require a standalone player, please contact sales for an offer

  • Yes, you can choose between a hosted player and a self-hosted player.

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