Make video your business

Flowplayer can convert your online video content into a powerful revenue generator.

Editorial people

Intuitive video management

We designed Flowplayer for people who work with video every day, particularly inside the media industry. We understand their troubles and demands, and built a product to match those needs exactly.

The possibilities can be expanded by integrating the platform into your existing CMS, allowing editors to access videos through a familiar interface.

Flowplayer online video platform
We optimize our workflow to increase the ad fill-rate
Business development

Increased ad fill rate

While video ads have the best click-through rate, we understand the numerous pitfalls potentially costing you money.

We collaborate with multiple ad networks and have gathered considerable expertise about the technical and practical problems the industry is facing.

Regardless of your ad server layout and protocol, we are here to improve the all-important ad fill rate.

Managing ad schedules
Sales and marketing

Extensive analytics

With Flowplayer’s built-in analytics you see the big picture, the anomalies, and the trends.

Those with existing analytics tools benefit from a wide list of 3rd party integrations.

We want to help your marketing to get the most out of the data.

Insights from an individual video
Starting a live stream from a mobile phone
Media industry specific

Live streaming

We work with big media companies doing thousands of live broadcasts per year watched by millions.

Flowplayer includes a mobile one-click live-streaming button for direct access to your audience.

With Flowplayer, live streaming is easy.


Effortless switch

We’ll migrate your existing video assets onto our platform and set up the required integrations.

And once everything is up and running, we’re available whenever you need help.

Moving video assets to Flowplayer platform

Want to know more?

Every media company is different. Some have thousands of videos, some have areas with 360° video, and some absolutely need DRM.

We have a vast amount of experience from all kinds of media companies, big and small.

We’d love to know more about your environment.