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For bloggers

$ 25 /month

Start a free trial

50,000 monthly plays

Video encoding, hosting

Video management

Automatic quality switching

Custom skinning and branding

Chromecast support

Domain locking

Video API


How can I upgrade my player license?

Please contact sales. We are happy to help you with the upgrade.

Where can I download the free player?

Flowplayer no longer offers the free, logo-branded player. If you are looking for a standalone player please contact sales.

In which format the content is served?

We encode to multi-bitrate HLS and MP4. We also store the original files.

Can I self-host the player?

Yes, you can choose between a hosted player and a self-hosted player.

Can I store my content somewhere else?

Yes. Remote assets are supported on our platform.

Can I show ads on my content?

Ads are available on our business plans.

What is counted as a play?

Play is the same as a stream start so pause is not counted as a play. We measure usage based on plays.

What are the other monthly limits?

  • Encoding output 600 min
  • Streaming 300 GB
  • Streaming overage 0.30 USD/GB
  • Storage 50 GB
  • Storage overage 0.30 USD/GB

When am I charged?

Your plan is charged at the start of each billing period. Any overage will be charged when it appears.

Which cards are accepted?

We accept payments from VISA, MasterCard, VISA Debit and American Express.