Here we demonstrate how to put a video on your website with a correct design, behaviour, and optional advertisement. And once in place, we’ll observe it’s analytics.

1. Upload a video

You can either use your own, readily encoded videos or upload them to our platform, which happens under the Videos area. The video can be in any possible format.

Uploading videos

2. Configure a player

The next thing is to configure a player that matches your site, or some specific area on your site. Please hit Players from the sidebar:

Configuring a player

NOTE Enterprise customers have the possibility to use our latest player version: Flowplayer Native. This can be selected under Settings

Selecting the player version

3. Setup advertising

The next thing you might want is to configure advertising. This happens by adding your ad tags and creating a bunch of ad schedules, that suits your purposes. Head on to Advertising area:

Ad tags
Ad tags

4. Embed the video

Now we can embed the video on your website. Please select the correct video and hit the Get embed code button:

Embedding a video

Let’s play

Here’s a working player embedded from the platform

5. View analytics

Next we can check the Analytics of the video:

Viewing analytics

Optional: Self hosted videos

You can optionally host the video on your own servers, and still take advantage of advertising and analytics. Please grab the embed code just like in above and choose the “JavaScript” embed style.

Then add a new HTML attribute called data-player-options to the embed code like this:

<div data-player-options='{"src" : <your video path>}'
  data-player-id="<player id>">
  <script src="<custom flowplayer path>"></script>

That’s all, folks