We have been working hard over the past few months to bring out a new piece of video innovation that we hope can bring a meaningful and positive change to how you work with video. We are eager and positively nervous to see what you, the critics, think of our work.

User experience is a way of designing, building, running and supporting the most critical use cases. You cannot build something and then try to get a great user experience. In any software it has to be innate and by purpose. Never by chance.

User experience has long been neglected in the traditional enterprise video platforms that have catered for big corporate IT departments with annual planning cycles. What we have tried to design is a simple, yet highly functional interface, that let you interact and work with your videos. We have taken away numerous small features and put them towards the back of the interface to make the most important ones stand out.

Video shot

We have also focused even more on video performance. Arguably the most important measure of performance is how long a user has to wait before the video starts to play, being it a pre-roll or a regular video. We have put ourselves on a path to improve the player performance. Our next release – dubbed “Flowplayer Native” will set a new standard.

This new version will be out on the beginning of 2018.

We want to make video an equal citizen to text and images on the web. This release contains a number of new achievements that we are already proud of.

New user interface

We have re-designed the user interface to make it even more intuitive. This includes a new way of interacting with your video list, your individual videos and the analytics of the videos. Simple yet with more functionality than before.

Video list

Analytics providing insights

In this release we improve the analytics capabilities meaning that you can now analyze each video in detail and see insights about how people have interacted with it. This will help you further improve which videos you produce, when you publish them and where you publish them. Displays, play-rate and complete rate are some of the measures that are available out-of-the-box with historical comparisons to quickly help you determine how you are doing.

Global analytics

Faster than ever encoding

In this new release we have dramatically increased the encoding speed compared to our previous release. The video files are first analyzed carefully for the correct settings and then split into multiple small segments that are encoded in parallel. This vastly improves the encoding speed and the quality of the final result as you can use more computational power for each video compared to the traditional linear encoding. This results in up to 100x real-time encoding speeds. You are always first to air!

Up to 100x real-time encoding speeds

Cloud hosted video player (coming soon)

Hosting the video player yourself can be quite time consuming as you have to put it on servers and maintain and update it. That is why we are launching a cloud hosted player. This brings several nice benefits to you:

  1. New updates will be available as soon as they are committed into our repository. You no longer need to update the player as we continuously release new functionality - we do it automatically for you. This will reduce the errors and also help you to improve the quality.
  2. Design the player in our easy to use gui and then use that as a single configuration point for all your published players. If you want to change the look and feel you just need to change in one place.
  3. Gain access to powerful analytics about your content to understand how users interact with your videos

Looking to the future

These were the updates for this time. What is coming in our next releases over the coming few months are our new video player, integrated live streaming support and further enhancements to this release.

We hope you will like it.


The Flowplayer team